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Amplify Your Fat Burning Potential
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Hi, I’m Leisa St Ledger - creator of System LS products, wife, mother of three, researcher, health advocate and lover of life!

When I look at weight loss products, 9 out of 10 contain low dose ingredients that have little effect - meaning they don’t work. And many of them contain fillers that have no use. You won’t find those kinds of scams here.

We ensure all our ingredients are natural, organic, potent and effective. And our products contain dose-effective ingredient levels for achieving maximum outcomes.

ccelerate is scientifically proven to influence hormones, enzymes and nutrient absorption, which speeds up your metabolism and directly manipulates stubborn body fat to amplify your fat burning potential.


We have two types of fat:

Subcutaneous fat - the fat on our butt, thighs, and arms.

Visceral fat - the fat around the midsection, otherwise known as belly fat.

Visceral fat is extremely unhealthy, hormonally active fat that triggers the immune system, increases inflammation and deteriorates our health. Our Accelerate formula manipulates both types of fat, but has particularly powerful effects on visceral fat, the type of fat you want to prevent and eliminate faster. Our ability to burn fat depends on our metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the less fat you store and the faster you burn stubborn fat. Certain nutrients and food sources, known as thermogenics, speed up the body’s metabolism by influencing hormones, enzymes and nutrient absorption. Accelerate is a natural, scientifically proven thermogenic formula that ignites your sluggish metabolism to amplify your fat burning potential and weight loss results.

Accelerate Your Results

Our unique acceleration formula contains two
scientifically proven active ingredients.


ID-aIG™ or Natural
Brown Seaweed Extract

  • Reduces carbohydrate and fat absorption by inhibiting a-amylase, a-glucosidase and lipase enzymes
  • Increases insulin sensitivity to make nutrient absorption in the cells more efficient
  • Regulates energy balance and blood sugar levels to prevent excess fat storage
  • Essential minerals help influence hormonal regulation and metabolic rate
  • Several unique marine polyphenols provide a wide range of health benefits
  • Rich natural source of essential minerals and trace minerals
  • Powerful antioxidants to scavenge free radicals and prevent oxidative damage
  • Targets subcutaneous fat to help you achieve a slimmer physique

Shave Fat Off Your Bums, Tums and Thighs RESULTS: ID-aIG™ 2.8 kg fat loss compared to placebo +0.96 kg gain over 8 weeks.


Decaffeinated Green
coffee Bean Extract

  • Directly releases fat from fat cells
  • Decreases visceral belly fat accumulation for improved overall health
  • Fights fat production and inflammation in visceral fat tissue
  • Regulates energy and nutrient hormones in fat tissue
  • Decreases pancreatic enzymes to reduce fat absorption
  • Chlorogenic acid lowers blood glucose levels Promotes healthier liver function and nutrient assimilation
  • Acts as a sensor to regulate and boost energy metabolism

The Ultimate Fat-Blasting Metabolism-Boosting Support RESULTS: Green coffee bean extract outperforms placebo by 2.47 kg over 12 weeks.

Fast-Track Your Weight Loss Success


An all natural, highly effective weight management tool.
With no negative side effects.

Each dose of Accelerate contains a whopping 400 mg of these
super-powered ingredients at a recommended dosage of two a day.


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